Get Ready! for Prep
Wellbeing Program

BACK IN TERM 4, 2024


Help your child Get Ready! for Prep

Our Get Ready! for Prep program is designed to help young children prepare, mentally and emotionally, for the exciting journey of starting Prep. We understand that this milestone can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking, which is why we’ve created a comprehensive program to ensure that children have a positive and successful start to their school adventure.

Our programs are evidenced-based and delivered in a non-clinical environment to take a holistic and preventative approach to supporting the mental, physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing of children during this transition in their life. The Standing Strong Club® program offers engaging tools, strategies and activities in a safe, supportive, gentle and fun environment to help your child feel strong from the inside out.

This program will uplift your child building their confidence, resilience, and empower them to Get Ready! for Prep. 

Age 4-6

Get Ready! for Prep – Girls & Boys

The Get Ready! for Prep program is run over an 8-week period in Term 4. Classes sizes are limited to ensure each child receives the support and attention they need. Each session is one hour and includes all three Standing Strong® components of STRONG Body (Movement), STRONG Mind (Mindset) and STRONG Heart (Mindfulness).

Details of sessions are:


Topics that form the program include:

  • Welcome and Making Friends
  • Creating Kindness
  • What is Comfort Zone
  • Building Confidence
  • Dealing with Change
  • Working through Worries
  • Self-care ~ Filling Your Cup
  • End of Term Party and Reflection
At Teacup Coach, we understand that it’s important to include parents and caregivers every step of the way as your little ones embark on their school adventure. This is why after each session you will receive resources to continue the discussion at home with the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling your child in the Get Ready! for Prep program offers a myriad of benefits. First and foremost, it provides a safe and nurturing environment for your child to develop essential life skills early in their lives, setting them up for success now and into the future.

All programs at Teacup Coach are based on the award-winning Standing Strong Club youth empowerment programs that are centered around STRONG Body (movement), STRONG Mind (mindset) and STRONG Heart (mindfulness). All programs are evidence-based and take a preventative and proactive to the holistic wellbeing of children. For little ones, this approach will support their readiness for the exciting adventure of starting school.

Ultimately, by joining our program, you’re investing in your child’s future success, both mentally and emotionally. It’s an adventure of growth, empowerment, and readiness for the wonderful world of school.

If you wish to discuss if this program is right for your child, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Book in a FREE Discovery Call with me.

Certainly! The “Get Ready! for Prep” program is designed specifically for children aged 4 to 6 who are starting school in 2024. The content and activities of the program are aligned perfectly with this stage of their development. The program is delivered in a safe and gentle way involving lots of fun.

Our programs are built with a holistic approach. The program is specifically crafted to help ease your child’s transition to school by focusing on building essential wellbeing skills, confidence, and emotional awareness. The topics of the program sets a strong foundation for their school life. Your child will gain valuable tools and strategies to help them deal with the changes associated with starting school, how to work through their worries, how to make friends, how creating kindness is a gift, and most of all feel positive around starting school.

If you wish to discuss if this program is right for your child, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Book in a FREE Discovery Call with me.

The program runs for eight weeks, with sessions held every Monday and Friday morning from 9:30am to 10:30am. This schedule is designed to accommodate your child’s routine while providing an engaging and consistent learning experience.

We maintain small class sizes to ensure individualised attention and a nurturing environment. Each session accommodates a maximum of 6-7 children, allowing us to focus on every child’s needs.

All sessions will be run by our Founder, Jayme Harrison, who has a passion for nurturing young minds and empowering families to embrace wellbeing. Jayme is a mum herself and understands the challenges and triumphs of kids starting school. She is a youth coach and Internationally Coaching Federation trained Master Life Coach and Master Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner. Jayme has over 20 years working with people with the last 2+ years focused on supporting families and children. Jayme holds a Blue Card, First Aid and mental health for first aid.  She has the ability to connect with kids of all ages and has a knack for creating positive, fun, and empowering learning environments.

All necessary materials and supplies will be provided by Teacup Coach. You only need to provide a water bottle for your child, and perhaps a little curiosity and enthusiasm.

We understand that every child is unique. Jayme is skilled at creating a supportive and encouraging environment where kids feel motivated and excited about each session. Our program is designed to be interactive, engaging and lots of fun. There will be a variety of activities to cater to different learning styles. If your child feels uncomfortable, we’ll support them to adjust and feel at ease as much as possible. Also, class sizes are small to ensure we can be there to support all children. 

The program is designed for independent participation however, we understand that leaving your child is a big step, and we want you to feel comfortable and assured. During our program sessions, you’re more than welcome to be nearby while your child participates. The venue has a covered space just outside where you are welcome to sit, and we will ensure chairs are provided. Alternatively, there is a park across the road and a coffee shop only a short walk from the venue.

We take your child’s health or special requirements seriously. If your child has any requirements, please ensure they are included in the registration form or reach out to us separately, and we will discuss appropriate arrangements.

We believe in transparent communication. For the last 5 minutes of every session, we invite parents back for a short presentation on what the kids did. This is an opportunity for your child to show you what they did and assist you to continue the learnings at home.

Yes. We encourage continuing the learnings your child receives in the session at home. At the end of each session, we email parents home resources for continuing the learning adventure. These resources help foster the skills and concepts covered during the program.

We value parent involvement and offer occasional parent-child engagement where you can join your child in selected activities. This fosters a sense of collaboration and support your child’s learning adventure. We will advise you in advance when these sessions are. As mentioned previously, parents will also be invited back for the last 5 minutes of each session for a short presentation on what the kids did.

We understand that life can be unpredictable. While regular attendance is encouraged for a consistent experience, we can discuss options if unexpected situations arise.

Absolutely! Teacup Coach is currently planning to launch Term Programs in 2024. This will include a STRONG Little Ones program for girls and boys aged 5-7 yrs. Days and times are being finalised to be released before the end of Term 4 2023. 

How Get Ready! for Prep will help your child


Here you will find a checklist of how the Get Ready! for Prep program can help your child. Our program places emphasis on the mental, physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing of your child. The aim is to foster a positive and growth mindset now and into the future, which will help your child deal with the challenges they face. The program will help:

  • Adjust to changes in life including school, friends and family
  • Build confidence
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Create friendships
  • Build resilience & inner strength
  • Understand & establish boundaries
  • Give & receive kindness
  • Take time for self-care
  • Develop mindfulness skills
  • Reduce stress, worry & anxiety


Download your FREE copy of our Standing Strong® Self-Esteem Pack. 

You will also receive a BONUS 30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge from Teacup Coach for you and your child to do together.

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