Get Ready! for High School
Wellbeing Program


Help your child Get Ready! for High School

Our Get Ready! for High School program is designed to help your growing child prepare, mentally and emotionally, for the adventure that is High School. We understand that this milestone can be exciting and create anxiety, which is why we’ve created a comprehensive program to ensure your tween approaches this transition with a positive mindset to help set them up for success.

Our programs are evidenced-based and delivered in a non-clinical environment to take a holistic and preventative approach to supporting the mental, physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing of tweens during this transition in their life. The Standing Strong Club® program offers engaging tools ,strategies and activities in a safe, supportive, interactive and fun environment to help your child feel strong from the inside out.

This program will build your child’s confidence, self-esteem, resilience, and empower them to Get Ready! for High School. 

Age 11-12

Get Ready! for High School – Girls & Boys

The Get Ready! for High School program is run over an 8 week period in Term 4. Each session is one hour and includes all three Standing Strong® components of STRONG Body (Movement), STRONG Mind (Mindset) and STRONG Heart (Mindfulness).

Topics that form the program include:

  • Welcome and Making Friends
  • Dealing with Change
  • What is Comfort Zone?
  • Building Confidence
  • Working through Worries
  • Friendship Changes
  • Self-care ~ Filling Your Cup
  • End of Term Party and Reflection
At Teacup Coach, we understand that its important to include parents and caregivers every step of the way as your tweens enter the next big move on their school adventure. This is why after each session, you will receive resources to continue the discussion at home with the whole family.

How Get Ready! for High School will help your child


Here you will find a checklist of how the Get Ready! for High School program can help your tween. Our program places emphasis on the mental, physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing of your child. The aim is to foster a positive and growth mindset to help your child deal with the challenges they face, now, and into the future. The program will help:

  • Adjust to changes in school, friends and family
  • Understand thoughts and feelings through self-awareness 
  • Deal with bullying, competition, failure and life pressure
  • Create a positive body image
  • Discover their values, goals and boundaries
  • Build confidence, resilience and self-esteem
  • Feel like they belong
  • Discover and foster a strong sense of self
  • Encourage gratitude, self-love and self-care
  • Practice mindfulness and stress management skills.

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